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Calgary Carpet and Hardwood Cleaning 

Carpet Hardwood Cleaning Calgary & Edmonton

AirCare Systems

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AirCare Systems Inc is Calgary's Elite Carpet Cleaning Company. We are your go-to for any type of residential or commercial Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Upholstery, or Drape Cleaning!

Calgary Carpet Cleaning 
Carpet Sanitizing: Did you know that your carpet affects the air quality in your home? Vacuuming and spot cleaning only remove some of the air particles. However, those methods alone do not remove all the bacteria that might be living on your carpet or rugs. These bacterias impact your air quality by bringing in unwanted odors. Finding a trustworthy company that uses the finest cleaning products, is key to having your carpets smell fresh and look spectacular! Sanitizing Vs Sterilizing: Sterilizing describes what you would see in a hospital operating room harmful elements are eliminated. Carpets are porous and cannot be completely sterilized. The best method of cleaning carpets is through sanitization. Proper sanitization methods aid in bringing down the number of harmful elements in your home.

Calgary Carpet Cleaning
Sanitizing Vs Disinfection: Disinfection best applies to hardwood floors. Disinfection eliminates the presence of harmful germs and bacteria that can easily enter your home. Sanitization focuses on reducing the number of bacteria to the point where they do not threaten your’s or your loved one's health. Whether you have asthma, seasonal allergies, or other breathing complications, routine carpet cleaning is your best defense!

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Calgary Carpet Cleaning 

If you own pets, have kids, or just through regular wear and tear, you know how quickly carpets can get worn out and look dingy. Carpets can really take a beating from dust, food residue, oils, dirt, and other sediments, carpets go through a lot! While replacing an old carpet, with a newer-looking carpet is one possible solution to keeping your carpets looking nice and fresh, it’s not the most practical or economical.AirCare Systems provides our clients with the confidence to know that their carpets will be cleaned with the highest grade of products on the market. We guarantee the best results. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!AirCare Systems has cleaning technicians that understand what it takes to clean all types of carpets and rugs. Whether your carpets are Berber or shag, we can get stains and odors out and make your carpet look new again!

Calgary Tile Cleaning 

Calgary Tile Cleaning 
One of the hardest things to keep clean is the grout lines. Over time the grout lines become filled with dirt and grime making it hard to clean and can cause discoloration. The lighter the color of grout the more visible this comes. We can help. We use special techniques that can restore the luster back to your tile and grout lines.

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Hardwood Cleaning Calgary

Hardwood Cleaning Calgary 
Dirt and grime build up over time on your hardwood floors, causing them to lose their natural shine. Regular cleaning of your hardwood floors helps keep restore the natural finish to your hardwood, without harming its finish. The cleaning products we use are gentle and safe for your pets and kids while protecting your hardwood floors. This allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of your hardwood floors all year round, without worrying about chemical residues or fumes that can make pets or children sick.

Mattress Cleaning Calgary

Mattress Cleaning Calgary 

Professional mattress cleaning can reduce dust mites and pet dander. A cleaned mattress not only cleans stains on your mattress but has been proven to improve your health and sleep quality. A cleaned mattress reduces asthma attacks and allergies.

Dust, dead skin, and pet dander can be difficult to get out. Cleaning mattresses by yourself can be a huge undertaking. Washing stains out by yourself can lead to the spreading of the stain or moisture leaking into the mattress. If moisture is left untreated, this can create mold and cause further problems.

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Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal Calgary 

Pet stains can be tough to get out, whether they’re caused by urine, feces, or oil. If they’re not treated in a timely fashion and with the right chemicals, they can settle into your carpet and become grimy.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Calgary 

Area rugs come in various shapes and sizes. They also come in various types ranging from kilims and dhurries to shags and flokatis. Over time regular spills or wear and tear, make your area rug look dark and dingy. At AirCare, we use high-grade products that are safe for kids, pets, and for your area rugs. We use a deep cleaning method to get rid of the dinginess and odors for a level of cleaning you can feel confident about.

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Vacuuming the Couch
Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Calgary 

Couches endure a lot of use. Over time, whether it’s from your pets, food and beverage spillage, or regular wear and tear. Your couches appear desperate for a cleaning. Don’t worry, we can help with that. AirCare Systems has the right tools and uses the best techniques to make sure we return your furniture’s luster back to its original look. Our cleaning experts are skilled at removing most messes and set-in stains. No need to have your kids and pets off your furniture for an extended period of time. Because our products are safe for your home and family. At AirCare Systems we help your upholstery feel, smell and look cleaner. As for our annual cleaning schedule program!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Calgary 

Keeping your carpets clean and having them look their best is important to you and your business. Whether it’s new construction on regular maintenance, AirCare Systems can manage this for you. We help businesses all over Alberta manage the cleanliness of their carpets. We use the best solutions and equipment needed to tackle any size job.

Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning:
Clean wood floors create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your business. Keeping them clean sometimes isn’t always so easy, especially if your business has a lot of traffic. Taking care of your floors with a deep cleaning by a skilled floor cleaning company is vital to keep your floors looking like new.

We use the highest grade cleaning solution and the best cleaning techniques aimed at removing deep-down dirt and grime that can leave your floors looking dull. Over time stuck-on dirt on your hardwood floors takes away the natural beauty of the finish and the grain. We have the expertise to clean all hardwood, engineered woods, laminates, and vinyl.

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Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial Tile Cleaning Calgary 

Tile can be low maintenance. However, heavy foot traffic can make tile and even grout lines, look pretty grungy. If mopping and scrubbing of grout lines aren’t working anymore. Then you will need deep cleaning and restorative care that can only be provided by a leading tile and grout cleaner like AirCare Systems.

We offer the most advanced methods of tile and grout cleaning for businesses in and around Alberta. We have experience working in all types of commercial environments ranging from medical facilities, restaurants, retail, and everything in between. Once we have successfully cleaned your floors, we can apply a grout sealant to maintain your grout’s bright finish.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Calgary 

Your furnishings say a lot about your company. Cleaned furniture is one way to create a good first impression of your business. Who wants to sit in a dirty and dingy? As a result, cleaned upholstery enhances the morale of your staff and associates. Regular cleaning of your upholstery extends the life of your furniture and reduces germs and bacteria.

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