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Calgary Duct Cleaning Rates

Calgary Carpet Cleaning Rates







Duct and Carpet Cleaning Rates Calgary

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Duct Cleaning Rates Calgary

Duct Cleaning     



*159.99 includes 1 furnace and 10 vents

Although all vents in the home must be cleaned, each additional vent is $9.99  

Condos & Townhouses, please call for a quote.

Extra Vents Each


10 Vents are automatically included, each additional vent is $9.99

Air Conditioner Cleaning


Air Conditioner Cleaning Starting at $99.99

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer Vent Cleaning Starting at $89.99

Price Depending on Location & Ease of Access

High Efficient Bypass Per Furnace


High Efficient Furnaces Require a Bypass

Extra Furnace Access


Extra Furnace Access Each

Hot & Cold Air Return Cuts


Per Cut

Bathroom Fans


Each Fan

Humidifier Installations

$50 Off

with a full duct cleaning purchase!


Humidifier Installation Services
Starting at $550.00

Our Executive Carpet Cleaning Rates Calgary

Included With Your Executive GREEN Carpet Cleaning
  • Pre-inspection

  • Pre Spray area to be cleaned

  • Wand deep hot water extraction steam cleaning

  • All dirt and moisture will disperse into a holding tank removed from your home

  • Green Seal® certified green cleaning products will deeply clean your carpets 

  • Our products contain no volatile organic compounds

  • Fragrance-free

  • Odorless, user safe, and environmentally friendly

Price Chart


Single Room $100.00

Two Rooms $120.00

Three Rooms $130.00

Four Rooms $150.00

Five Rooms $160.00

Six Rooms $190.00

Stairs $5.00 Each - Up to 13 Steps Already Included

Additional Rooms $40.00

Additional Hallways $15.00

Additional Landings $15.00 Each

*Quoted room pricing is for up to a 120sq’ room, please call for an exact estimate with your room sizes.  Items not included with our cleanings:  Moving of furniture.  Areas to be cleaned please have pre-vacuumed before we arrive.  Required Vacuuming of area(s) will accrue an extra charge

Image by Nataliia Kvitovska


Image by Angie


Image by Alicia Paydli


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